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HAVAI Sapphire XL Personal Cooler with Three Side Dense Honeycomb and 20 Litre Tank Capacity with FREE Anti Bacterial Cover and Cooler Water Pipe

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Price: ₹ 7,990.00 - ₹ 5,025.00
(as of Jan 25,2022 17:09:19 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The Ultimate High Speed Personal Cooler

Sapphire XL
Sapphire XL

Why the Sapphire XL Personal Cooler ?
We ensured that the Personal Cooler is packed with enough compelling features

High Grade Materials Used
The Electric Motor has Thermal Over Load Protector to ensure safety while the cooler is in use
The Sapphire XL Personal Cooler comes with an Ice Chamber at the back
Three Thick Dense 5090 Honeycomb Pad at the back and side for better cooling efficiency
The Personal Cooler has an Air Delivery of 1200 m3/hr
The Personal Cooler is equipped with 3 Pin ISI Power Cord ensuring the plugs fix well into the fuse

Perfect for your compact space

The Personal Cooler is compact and portable to ensure you can move it around to corners of your house or any other space and the elegant designs helps it double up as a showpiece

Elegant and Tested Personal Cooler
The Personal Cooler comes with Three Side Honeycomb

Yes, Sapphire XL Personal Cooler comes with Three Dense Back and Side Honeycomb Pad for super efficient cooling and the cooler comes equipped with an Ice Chamber. Yes you will hear the noise of the air being thrown at you and giving you immediate respite.

INCLUDES Protection Cover and Cooler Water Pipe !!

Yes, you heard that right. The Sapphire XL comes with HAVAI Protection cover and we are additionally also providing Cooler Water Pipe. With this Cooler Cover we want to ensure that your cooler has a longer life and with the Water Pipe we want to ensure that you have a hassle free water filling experience

ruby xl
ruby xl

Super Features and Accessories with the Simba XL Personal Cooler

Sapphire XL Features

Sapphire XL Features



3 side

3 side

Three Side

Three Side

High on Elegance and Air Throw

The HAVAI Sapphire XL Personal Cooler comes with Engineering ABS Front and has a great Air throw. If you sit around the cooler you can feel the burst of air throw on your body.

HAVAI Protection Cooler Cover

The HAVAI Protection Cooler Covers is INCLUDED with the Ruby XL Personal Cooler and are Anti-Bacterial and Water Resistant in nature. The covers ensures that the Cooler has a long life.

Water Pipe with Cooler

The HAVAI Personal Coolers come with a Water Pipe that help fill water easily once attached to the Direct Float Valve. The Auto Valve mechanism in the cooler ensures that the water flow stops one the Air Cooler Tank is filled to the brim.

Premium Dense Three Side Honeycomb Pad

The HAVAI Sapphire XL Personal Cooler comes with superior 5090 Flute Honeycomb Pad on three sides for extra cooling. 5090 Flutes are thicker than the usual honeycombs and have higher density of paper this ensures better cooling


High Three Speed Motor with Thermal Overload Protector
Premium 3 Units of Honeycomb Pads with 5090 Dense Flute Paper for greater cooling
Ice Chamber at the Back which can be used for filling ice for additional cooling
Filter Nets at the back to ensure dust does not pass inside the Air Cooler

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