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Mini Red Coffee Machine ,Seacanl Coffee Makers With Milk Frother, Semi‑Automatic 5Bar Pump for Making Coffee Latte Art Kitchen Appliances Home Office Use

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Price: $133.52
(as of Feb 01,2023 18:20:25 UTC – Details)


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Coffee Maker
Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
Color: Red
Voltage: 111—240V
Product capacity: 240ML
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 800W
Pump Pressure: 5Bar
Weight: Approx. 2675g / 94.4oz
Size: Approx. 34.5×30.5x13cm / 13.6×12.0x5.1in
Cappuccino Making:
1. Use the coffee machine to make a cup of coffee
2. Pour 200ml of milk into the milk tank, try to use whole milk (refrigeration is better)
3. Beating the milk froth to 1.5-2 times
4. Combine milk froth with milk and pour it into coffee
5. According to taste preference, add chocolate sauce or cinnamon powder
1. Add proper amount of pure water to the water tank, tighten the top cover of the coffee machine, and turn on the power switch
2. Put the coffee powder into the coffee handle, use a powder tamper to smooth and compact
3. Fasten the coffee handle into the coffee machine at a 45 degree angle and fasten it clockwise
4. Place the coffee pot under the coffee handle
5. Turn the function knob to the brewing position
6. When reaching the desired cup size, turn the function knob to the pa

1. Semi‑automatic coffee machine, with function knob, supports coffee brewing, milk frothing and pressure relief functions.
2. With stainless steel filter screen, metal die‑cast 0.25mm fine filter mesh hole, easy to make coffee grease.
3. A safety relief valve is built into the top cover of the coffee machine, which can automatically relieve pressure when the steam is too large.
4. Using rotating high‑pressure steam milk frothing system, 140℃ of precise temperature control, strong steam.
5. Full integrate steam, air, and milk to produce dense milk foam, which is convenient for making coffee latte art.

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