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Old Tree Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder, 200G

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Old Tree Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder, 200G

Price: ₹ 235.00 - ₹ 199.00
(as of Dec 06,2021 06:02:29 UTC – Details)

Old Tree Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder, 200G

Product Description

Fuller EarthFuller Earth


Multani Mitti, Fullers Earth or Bentonite Clay, is quite simply mud on your face or in your hair. Multani Mitti is also known as Indian Healing Clay because of its beneficial properties to skin and hair. A natural clay it is one of the most essential and popular Indian beauty product ingredient in facial and hair treatments because it removes toxins and impurities from skin and scalp without stripping the natural oils. It is effective against pimple breakouts.


Pure and Natural

Old Tree Fuller Earth Powder is Pure and natural .

* Natural Product

*Therapeutic Grade

* Multipurpose

fuller earth for facefuller earth for face

Useful For Skin

Old Tree Fuller Earth Powder is Very Useful For All Types Of Skin

* Treat Acne

*Remove Scars

*Remove Dead Skin

*Improves Skin Complexion

fuller earth for hairfuller earth for hair

Useful For Hair

Old Tree Multani Mitti Powder is useful for hair.

*Treat Dandruff

*Straighten & Shiny Hair

*Prevent Split Ends

*Potent Deep Contioner

how to usehow to use

How To Use

Face Mask: Use non metal bowls, mix one ounce (scoop) of fuller earth powder to 3 to 4 parts pure filtered water or Apple Cider Vinegar. Add water or clay to create a sour creme like consistency. Cover your face with scrub up to 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Leave on for about 20 minutes. For dry or oily skin reduce time to half or less.

Wash off with warm water (in shower is easiest) and immediately use high quality natural facial moisturizer. Use it once/twice a week to keep your skin beautiful and fresh.

Hair Masks: Section your hair into four sections using plastic clamps to separate your hair. Apply the fuller earth powder to your hair as if it was a relaxer – expect you also apply it to your scalp. Let the clay sit on your hair for 20-25 minutes, but do not let it harden. Rinse out the clay with warm water.


PORE CLEANSING: old tree multani mitti fullers earth is a pore cleaning cleanser for enlarged pores unclogging and cleansing pores making skin tight.

EXFOLIATOR-REMOVE DEAD SKIN & TOXINS: old tree multani mitti powder a natural Indian healing earth mineral clay will exfoliate face, body and scalp eliminating impurities and toxins. This healing clay powder will remove dead skin leaving healthy skin and clear. It is an effective remedy against blackheads and whiteheads

NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENING & BRIGHTENING: a natural face brightener and skin lightener multani mitti clay will help to reduce blemishes scars and spots to rejuvenate skin leaving it soft smooth and radiant.

HAIRCARE: multani mitti powder is not only for skincare but haircare too. It will cleanse scalp leaving not only a dandruff free healthy scalp but also shining hair. Your scalp and hair will be squeaky clean as multani mitti also works as a natural dry shampoo for hair but sulphate free


Sameer KohliSameer Kohli

Sameer Kohli

Managing Director

Describe your products in three words.

Natural | Healing |Pocket Friendly

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Where there is life there are many ups and downs, when you are confident and have faith in yourself, life keeps to help you and grow this is what I learnt from life, have faith in nature, love nature, truly speaking inspired by nature. This is all of my life from my childhood, I was in love with nature always, nature gives me energy. I remember of my interest in nature, plants and birds. Plants and sun are the true source of energy for every human being.

Ayurveda is also diverted from nature all true, all love, is Ayurveda. Sameer Kohli a nature lover and ayurvedic expert, having vast and practical knowledge about plants, trees, herbs, oils, ayurveda, aroma therapy his interest in nature inspired him to develop products diverted from nature for well being of human being. And old Tree was born, love was old and was for trees so the name came out was old tree. Keeping in mind to serve society with heart full of love, natural ingredients diverted from plants, herbs etc. Within launch of six months old tree products were in regular demand and been appreciated all generations, and had been exported to many countries. Old tree products are manufacturer keeping in mind that all products should be natural and diverted from nature.

What makes your product special?

Use of Old Tree multani mitti help purify your skin, and it helps regularize oil production for both oily and dry skin types.old tree multani mitti fullers earth is a pore cleaning cleanser for enlarged pores unclogging and cleansing pores making skin tight.

What has been the best part of your experience?

With almost a five years spent in learning, researching products, sourcing, process standardisations, its been a gratifying experience. We are grateful to our better half, team and customers, who have always believed in us, and shared their valuable experiences to help us create better products

Natural clay no pesticides or chemicals used
Ideal for extra oily skin types / heals acne and blemishes
Removes dead cells from the skin and unclog pores / helps to reduce pigmentation and scar marks
Package Content: 1 Multani mitti (fuller earth) powder; Item Form: Powder; Quantity: 200 Gm

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