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Self Care Journal 2021 – Stress Relief Happiness Wellness Planner – Food, Fitness, Mental Health Wellness Journal Self Care Planner – Self Love Positivity Gratitude Journal for Women and Men

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Price: $36.99 - $26.99
(as of Dec 05,2022 11:32:38 UTC – Details)

THE YANSHI PLANNER helps you prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health goals while keeping tabs on your progress in an organized and enjoyable way. It is your own self-help 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️, motivational, personal development🌟, accountability guide🤓, life planner book 📖made to help you to remind yourself “I got this!”💪🏻no matter what, guide you to having a firm grasp on your own life, and being confident about yourself and your purpose. Come to understand who you really are, what you really want, and the paths to get you to the success you are meant for. Learn to truly live through every step of the journey 🎈

WHY IS THE YANSHI PLANNER SO SPECIAL? What’s Included & What Should I Expect?
Table of Contents:
Introduction – A Letter to you…
A Letter To Your Future Self to be opened on a future date.
The Meaning of Yanshi and The Yanshi Planner
2021-2022 Calendar and Holidays
The Yanshi and Life Story
Physical Health + Mental Health 2021 Planner
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Health Planner
“Your Home Is Where Your Health Is”
“A Positive and Grateful Mind”
Challenges – Personal Development
Surprise Bookmark
End of the Year Reflection
Thanks and Gratitude
The Yanshi Poem – “A Legacy in the Making”
A Note to you all…

WHO IS THIS PLANNER FOR? Best Self Care Journal, Health & Mental Wellness Planner 2021 for women, men, teachers, college students, academics, entrepreneurs, business and health professionals, work, family, school, moms, anyone who wants to achieve their best physical and mental health, while keeping their life balanced, focused, and organized. This planner is for anyone who wants to practice daily gratitude, train their minds to live in a positive & beautiful state, and build good health habits for a strong body and mind.

JOIN OTHER YANSHI PLANNER HOLDERS in becoming “A Legacy In the Making” today!
2020 The Yanshi Planner

✅MODERN, SLEEK, PROFESSIONAL, CONTEMPORARY: High quality leather hardcover Health Planner, 7.75 x 10in with thick 120gsm white pages, 2 expandable folders, 3 bookmarks, lay-flat Smyth-Sewn binding, detailed embossing, debossing, and gold foil design effects to withstand and encourage daily use. You will feel and experience the unparalleled difference in material and content quality compared to other health planners, fitness planner, and mental health journals.
✅HARMONY, HAPPINESS & SELF LOVE: This is more than just a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, Jan 2021-Dec 2021 Food Journal, Fitness Journal, Mood Journal, Meal Planner. Self Care Planner, Wellness Journal, Happiness & Health Planner. It is your commitment to being in a high-vibe “beautiful state” and feeling grateful and “truly alive”. It was made to help you to remind yourself “I got this!” no matter what and being confident about yourself and your purpose.

✅INCREASE FOCUS AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Decrease stress and anxiety with a comprehensive 390 page daily 
happiness journal planner guide of simple yet imperative steps to establish good habits. It is meticulously designed with a declutter home/mind tracker, sleep journal, water tracker, fitness tracker, food log journal, weekly meal planner notebook, exercise log, action plans/goals, reflections, gratitude, celebrate wins, anti anxiety journal to help you live in a positive beautiful state. 
✅ENJOYABLE, THERAPEUTIC, REWARDING, UNIQUE: Find little hidden treasures and inspirational challenges and reflection guides throughout the health habit tracker & positivity journal planner to keep you excited and motivated on your path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.
✅BEST SELF CARE GIFT TO YOURSELF, A FRIEND, AND LOVED ONES: It’s handing someone you care about a foundation from which to grow and enrich their lives. It’s telling them you believe in them, that you support them on their journey to success and being their very best. The Yanshi Health and Wellness Planners are gifts that are given every day of the year, with effects that will last a lifetime.

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