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True HEPA Air Purifier for Home Office Living Room Up to 250~400ft², Digital Display Air Cleaner with Air Monitor & HEPA Filter Remove 99.98% Smokes/Dust/Pet Dander During Night Light

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Price: $69.99 - $69.97
(as of Feb 01,2023 20:14:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Multi-scope Application

It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place where the smell is strong.

It has the power to improve your environment


More Efficient Than a Single Activated Carbon

Activated carbon can only trap the air around it, but it can’t filter the air flowing through the space

This greatly reduces the availability of new homes or remodeling places.

The air purifier can speed up the air circulation, and the purification of the circulating air is more efficient than the activated carbon

New Features for Customer Design







Timing Closure

No more worrying about using too much electricity.

Equipped with 5 timing Settings

1 Hour2 Hours4 Hours6 Hours8 Hours

Quiet as Library

Mute effect.

Even though normal power usage does not produce sound effects higher than 30dB, your child has a better learning environment, whether air or noise

One-button Speed Change

Want more speed options.

In addition to the quiet mode speed, normal mode has four wind speeds.Allows you to adjust the wind speed depending on the environment


The Best Version of Your Personal Air Purifier

In order to satisfy customers, we specially distributed 1000 questionnaires to ask people living in California about their personal requirements and feelings of using air purifiers.

Enhanced air purification efficiency at the same time also added a lot of functions which contains a lot of user opinions.

*Quiet & Ranges: Larger sizes provide more efficient purifying effects, home air purifier will be about 20% more efficient than its equivalent size. Its air purification efficiency reaches the California standard of 200 CARD .Also covering the area of large room up to 250~400 Sq.ft. 6 air clean per hour in 250 Sq.ft ,3 air clean per hour in 400 Sq.ft
*Triple Filtration & Efficient Deodorization: 3-in-1 composite filter screen effectively filter air impurities up to 99.98%. Negative ion generator, negative ions in the air smell and particles will have a strong adsorption capacity, is the most effective assistant to protect the air
*Real-time Monitoring: Built-in air detection device for real-time monitoring of the environment around you. Any smells or deterioration in air quality will be detected within 3~5 seconds. It can be placed in a kitchen accessory to detect burning smells or gas leaks, preventing all kinds of accidents. Green means normal, blue means light pollution, and red means heavy pollution.
*Quiet Enough & Energy Save:The sleeping mode with the minimum volume of 25dB is as quiet as when you are in the library. Meanwhile, the power consumption of the sleeping mode will be 60% of that of normal use, which greatly saves you electricity consumption during sleep and also eliminates your worry about electricity accidents during sleep.
*Buyer’s Guarantee : High quality filter to ensure that you do not need to replace in the longest half a year (if the odor is too large to reduce the life of the filter, but can still use for more than 3 months), seller quality guarantee any non-human damage as long as contact us and provide relevant pictures, we will be in 10 months for you to replace the new product free of charge.

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